Photo: Talisman Energy
Photo: Talisman Energy

Successful Gyda project

Origo Solutions has implemented a new shutdown philosophy at Gyda, to the satisfaction of Talisman Energy.

Written by Andreas Høy Knudsen

“Origo had the project all from the start, and has carried out a complicated installation job to our full satisfaction”, says project manager Sigurd Oftedal in Talisman Energy. The Gyda platform is a conventional steel facility combining drilling, production and living quarters, located in the southern Norwegian section of the North Sea. Gyda is operated by Talisman, which took over operation from BP in 2003. In 2011 the operator expected that the ignition source control (ISC) in case of a gas leak was not fully in accordance with regulations.

“We went on to commission a concept study from Origo Solutions with the aim to propose a new ignition source philosophy”, says Oftedal.

The study identified a need for modifications of the switchgear and distribution boards, new gas detectors, modifications to the F&G/ESD systems, replacement of control panels for emergency generators, as well as an upgrading of cranes to match NORSOK regulations, and a new Water Mist System.

In line with the findings, Talisman Energy prepared an EPCI commission to secure a safer platform. Origo attained the assignment due to technical expertise and the complexity of the modifications.

Pro-active communication

Talisman´s project manager describes the job as both complicated and relatively comprehensive in terms of man-hours. Nonetheless, Origo managed to avoid the disadvantages of mixing the customer into the bureaucracy of a large-scale organisation.

“Origo appointed a foreman for installation, provided a continuity of professionals, and entered into a collaboration with Otera that worked really well”, states Oftedal, who himself supervised the entire job. He accentuates that no adverse events occurred, as well as the presence of good communication throughout the large amount of man-hours, work packages and documents.

“Pro-active communication from the contractor has been the most important, as they have assumed responsibility for challenges that turned up during the process”, says Oftedal. He appreciates the contractor´s understanding of the customer´s needs.

“They were able to update the control system during live operation of the platform, and they solved the problem of transferring the system to the platform”, Oftedal says.

Flexible solution

A new shutdown philosophy at Gyda implies some dilemmas for the customer. On one hand it´s difficult to obtain an expedient shutdown-procedure of old engines in case of an emergency. On the other hand, the platform needs to keep some central processes going in the early phases of a shutdown.

“We achieved a solution which enables us to prolong important operations, and simultaneously keep a swift shutdown opportunity”, says Oftedal.

Among Origo´s subcontractors on the job, Honeywell delivered the SAS system and software upgradings, Otera provided the emergency generator control panel, FPE provided the Water Mist System, and EnerMech delivered the Crane slip ring.

The Gyda project: Ignition source control

Sept 2012 – June 2014 EPCI department in Origo Solutions implemented a new shutdown philosophy and ignition source control on the Gyda platform, commissioned by Talisman Energy.

The project was a EPCI-C project based on a study by Origo Solutions in 2011.


  • Modifications of switchgear and distribution boards
  • New gas detectors in LER
  • HW and SW modifications to the F & G / ESD systems
  • New control panels for emergency generators
  • Upgrading cranes
  • New Water Mist System


  • Honeywell: Control system
  • Otera/Elektromarine: Emergency generator control panel
  • FPE: Water Mist System
  • EnerMech: Crane slip ring