Statoil Petroleum AS

Project: Melkøya – Response time HIMA PLC
Project type: EPCI-C
Period: Apr 2013 – Sep 2014

SoW: Modification (node split 1:3) of SIS system at Hammerfest LNG to meet international and company standards related to the response time and the time of SIS loops implemented.

The project split the software in the HIMA L104 PLC across three H51q to reduce the response time and time for the SIS loops. This operation is critical and is planned to be performed during the revision shutdown 2014.

  • Study to evaluate different solutions to improve response time
  • Split PLC software over three H51q nodes
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation work during revision shutdown 2014

Additional scope of work:

  • ESD HotOil
  • Rewire Solenoid PCDA to HIMA
  • Signal from SIS to FGS – not safe
  • RS14 scope Origo/SIP2/Mod