Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA

Project: Alvheim Fail-Safe and Line Monitoring
Project type: Study / Engineering / Implementation
Period: Aug 2010 – Apr 2015 (incoherent)

SoW: A portfolio of four single projects – from study to completion.

Identification and verification of failsafe settings for SAS inputs/outputs on ESD, VISOP, PSD and F&G nodes (10).

Review of approximatly 2.600 I/O’s with regard to fail-safe settings, loop monitoring and normally energized or normally de-energized outputs (NE/NDE) based on requirements in the following standards, rules & regulations:

  • PSA regulations
  • DNV
  • IEC 61508/61511 (Safety Integrity Level, SIL)
  • OLF 070 (SIL)

Engineering and support in implementation of field scope and SIS changes – set up Kongsberg AIM with settings to fulfill the requirements regarding Safety Integrity Level.