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The Align capability

The Align capability

Align is a global supplier of technical safety and total fire fighting solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our market leading brands provide expertise in safety automation, pump systems and fire fighting technology.

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Total Technical Safety™ by Align

Total Technical Safety™ by Align

Align provides project management, components and expertise at every stage of the technical safety and fire fighting life cycle. We manage greenfield and brownfield projects, covering the whole process from study through to engineering, procurement, assembly, installation, commissioning and documentation.

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Pump system division

Pump systems

Align’s pump systems division serves the international oil and gas industry, supplying a wide range of pumps and generator sets from Eureka Pumps AS, to new build facilities while also operating advanced maintenance and service.

Our division also provides upgrades, modifications, equipment testing, installation and commissioning.

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Rune Osmundsen
Director Sales & Marketing
E-mail: rune.osmundsen@eureka.no
Direct Telephone: +47 465 01 185

Fire fighting division

Fire fighting Solutions

Align’s firefighting division serves the global oil and gas industry. Through our industry-leading brands and years of experience in the field, our customers receive the highest quality new build solutions as well as maintenance and modifications they can rely on.

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Pål Vidar Stokvik
Director Sales and Marketing
E-mail: pal.stokvik@fpe.no
Direct Telephone: +47 41 30 47 60

Safety automation division

Safety & automation

Align’s safety automation division provides products, services and turnkey solutions to technical areas such as Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation, Process Control, Technical Safety and Telecoms. We are also a leading independent supplier of safety control systems, automation and gas detection solutions.

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Bjørn-Tore Lenes
SVP Safety & Automation
E-mail: bjorn-tore.lenes@align.no
Direct Telephone: +47 907 77 666

Studies and Projects

ALIGN specialises in multidiscipline studies and projects within Technical Safety. We provide predictable and reliable project performance from study to completion.

By bundling safety products and expert skills we are able to reduce project complexity, delivery time, and cost for complete safety solutions.

Tor Magne Madsen
Sales & Marketing Director
E-mail: tor.magne.madsen@align.no
Direct Telephone: +47 997 12 295


Excellence in project execution is the focus of the quality commitment in the ALIGN organisation. By combining strong project management with our Risk Based Project Execution Model ALIGN attains a level of overall performance and attitude that meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

ALIGN supplies complete projects within technical safety, providing optimized capacity in project management, engineering, procurement, fabrication, testing, installation and commissioning – we refer to it as TOTAL TECHNICAL SAFETY™.

We offer a unique combination of engineering expertise, product/system and project execution capabilities through joint effort across ALIGN’s divisions.

ALIGN has years of experience and track records as a supplier of multidiscipline studies, FEEDS and modification projects.

“For us, project management is a key to create cost effective solutions. Our setup allows our highly qualified experts from all ALIGN divisions to work efficiently together in order to reduce project complexity and cost.”

Bjørn-Tore Lenes
SVP Safety & Automation


ALIGN implement technical safety in all aspects of the project execution and design to ensure the optimal safety barrier for the customer. With ALIGN’s broad experience within technical safety deliveries we can evaluate and design the solution best suitable for your installation.

We design the systems according to the customers requirements, and in addition identify further possibilities to optimize the solutions regarding both safety and cost.

Technical safety experts are involved in all projects through our own in-house technical safety discipline or together with our partners. 
Typical tasks performed in the projects are:

  • Fire and gas detection layout
  • Gas dispersion analyses
  • Explosion analyses
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) evaluations
  • Active firefighting philosophy and design
  • Passive Fire Protection
  • Overall barrier evaluation (F&G, firefighting)
  • Shutdown Philosophy
  • Risk analyses (qualitative and quantitative)

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“Human error is inevitable in both design and operation. Our Technical Safety barriers are designed to avoid critical situations and to minimize potential consequences from human error and other incidents.”

Øystein Engedal
Technical Director, Safety & Automation


“I have worked on installations with high risk of fire and explosions for more than 25 years. I use my experience to make your installations safer by strengthening the barriers against fire and gas explosions.”

Kristin Rypestøl
Technical Safety Specialist



As a leading supplier within technical safety, ALIGN has a significant role to play in providing smart safety solutions and improved efficiency. By bringing together in-depth safety system product competence with overall technical safety experts we can optimize complete system design and operation. We will find the best solution for your safety system from refurbishment to total systems upgrade.

Smart safety solutions within:


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“Product and system expertise together with technical safety expertise provides the best prerequisite in designing optimal safety systems. Expert competence in all levels of the value chain enables development of cost and weight savings in our safety system deliveries.”

Tomas Christensen
Project Manager

HSE focus

HSE holds strong ground in ALIGN and the Zero-Philosophy is a matter of course and a prerequisite. HSE in Design plays a major part when assessing the optimal solutions for our customers. We make sure that all HSE related risks are identified and handled in best possible manner. Reduction of HSE risks are priorities at all company levels, from Management to Project Execution. We use all possible assets and experiences in these processes.

We aim to exceed your HSE expectations! 

“Our deliveries represent best practice in HSE performance and HSE in design. We are known for excellent HSE mindset in performing our work and customer feedback supports this fact.”

Elisabeth Brenne
HSEQ Manager

Managing risks

ALIGN performs its project execution based on a risk perspective, and manages risk based on the principles found in ISO 31000:2009 and comply accordingly. Risks and opportunities are identified and addressed appropriately and are continuous parameters throughout project execution.




“By continuously keeping an eye on risks the most essential items are recognized and managed along the project life cycle. Our focus on handling mitigating actions are of essential items and it supports a decent predictability.”

Bjørn-Tore Lenes
SVP Safety & Automation