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We experience a great deal of uncertainty in the market following the announcement of discontinued production of BS100 spare parts. The industry in general seems to have limited knowledge of possible alternatives for maturing BS100 fire & gas systems.

Written by Bjørn-Tore Lenes

Align has developed a cost efficient program that will provide you fact-based decision material specific for your installation.

ALIGN BS100 LIFETIME EVALUATION gives a recommended strategy adapted to the installation in question. The strategy is based on available information of the installation considered towards qualified alternatives.

We evaluate advantages and disadvantages for your installation with the list below as a starting point.


  1. Assessment of available spare parts to discover if an upgrade can be delayed. We gather information of available spare parts and the market’ ability to deliver
  2. Evaluation of alternative manufacturers. We have a good overview and knowledge of available fire safety systems on the marked, and we regularly screen the market for new products and technical solutions. As there exists multiple alternative suppliers, we assess, summarize and give you an brief overview of possibilities applicable for your installation.
  3. We evaluate the status of panels, detectors and remaining lifetime of the installation. Based on these evaluations we describe the following upgrade alternatives;
  1. Exchange only one fire panel. Installation can get hold of sufficient spare parts for the remaining panels
  2. Exchange only fire panels. In case the detectors are of a newer date or in a satisfying state, the replacement of panels could be a good enough solution
  3. Exchange fire panel and detector of one or multiple loops. Gradual upgrade of the detectors. The installation can get hold of sufficient spare parts to the remaining panels/loops
  4. Complete replacement of detectors, panels and communication towards the control system. Based on the age of the installed equipment and/or expected remaining lifetime a complete replacement may be required



For a more detailed evaluation we have worked out a customized BS100 SURVEY. This is an extension of the ALIGN BS100 LIFETIME EVALUATION, and includes an additional report per fire panel and is based on the following:

  1. Alarm and Failure logs (history) on all fire panels
  2. Age of panel and corresponding component (loop interfaces, etc)
  3. Status per detector
  4. Check of physical space in cabinet with respect to change or replacement of panels
  5. Propose a detailed migration method of a potential replacement.



Ole Kristian Andersen
Senior Instrumentation Engineer

M: +47 454 88 005