Diesel electric driven deepwell pump

Diesel generator Set
Diesel engine drive through a flanged on generator. Driven by high speed direct injection turbocharged and after cooled diesel engine. The cooling water taken from pump discharge and the complete system is independent of external cooling water. Water cooled generator flanged on to engine fly wheel housing and supported in flexible mounts matched to engine mounts. Freshwater cooled double tube heat exchanger in CuNi complete with leakage alarm. Heavy duty, light weight frame fabricated in carbon steel. Fitted with large capacity drip pan with drain connection. Skid mounted NFPA20 type controller, microprocessor based, with built in instrument battery. Full generator instrumentation.

Deepwell API 610 type (length to 50 meters)
The Bjørge deepwell pump is a vertical turbine product lubricated line shaft type pump. It is designed according to API 610 for continuous pumping duty under all operating conditions. For seawater duty the pump is delivered in 25%Cr or 22%Cr Duplex, or Ni-Al Bronze material.

The pump is driven by a dry mounted electric motor on top or by a submerged water filled wet wound electric motor.

•  Straight NFPA 20 system design.
       •  Flexibility in installation arrangement.
       •  Possibility for combined Firewater and Seawater Lift pump duty, and
          combined power supply.

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