To ALIGN quality means delivering the agreed product – and the agreed quality – at the agreed time, in accordance with internal requirements, and the requirements of customers or regulatory authorities. ALIGN is concerned to ensure quality in all parts of production. Our objective is to have no complaints or non-conformances against products or services.

In order to obtain a high level of quality it is imperative that management and employees display the right attitudes, and that work processes are organised as well as possible. Actions must be well planned and action plans implemented, work performance must be subjected to measurements, and corrective and preventive action must be implemented to ensure continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of performance will ensure that we maintain and strengthen our competitiveness. Improvement efforts will develop more cost effective work methods and methods of implementation in order, amongst other things, to ensure that our customers get supplies with the right quality.

ALIGN’s process control system –  (APS)

ALIGN’s process control system (APS) is a combined HSE and quality system. APS presents activities through process flow and workflow charts with associated instructions and check lists. The programme is electronically available to all employees. ALIGN’s process structure is presented through management processes, supply and support processes.

One of ALIGN’s chief tools for obtaining continuous improvement, update and maintenance of systems, is the quality reporting system – KMS. Reporting includes HSE reports such as RUEs, non-conformance reports and suggestions for improvement. All employees have a responsibility for reporting non-conformances, undesirable incidents, and proposing improvements.

Certification and registering

Companies in ALIGN are certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 9001-2000. Selected areas of activity are certified in accordance with NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 and 5S. All companies in ALIGN are also registered in Achilles and Sellihca.

Ageing safety solutions do not necessarily require large investments

In a time where the focus on cost savings is at its peak, we need to ensure that the safety of the installations still meets the requirements and that we still can claim to be “top of the league” regarding safety in the Petroleum sector.