Health and working environment

Health and working environment are affected by numerous working life factors. ALIGN wants to take a coherent view of these elements, in a way that makes it possible to impact on developments.

Health and working environment comprise all elements relating to people, technology, and organisation. Good leadership and job satisfaction are closely related to individual performance and our interaction with colleagues.

ALIGN firmly believes that a secure and good working environment offering challenging tasks is a positive quality, and that it gives ALIGN a competitive edge in its effort to attain goals.

We aim at providing:

a working environment that promotes health and well-being

inspiring work tasks and a stimulating and challenging working environment for employees

forms of work that promote creativity and efficiency, visualising the individual employee`s contribution and responsibility for good overall solutions. We believe this policy gives enhanced motivation, commitment and growth opportunities for our employees.

Ageing safety solutions do not necessarily require large investments

In a time where the focus on cost savings is at its peak, we need to ensure that the safety of the installations still meets the requirements and that we still can claim to be “top of the league” regarding safety in the Petroleum sector.