Risk Management and internal control

The board of directors pays premium to the group having an effective risk management and good internal control which will contribute to protecting shareholder’s investments and company assets. The board of directors therefore regularly reviews the group’s internal control and the expediency of risk management systems compared to the activities operated by ALIGN. As part of this review the board of directors focuses on the group’s important risk areas.

The group conducts a number of internal control activities in order to verify that the activity is subject to satisfactory control and management. Systems for risk management for all activities in ALIGN have been established. Further, all companies in the group have certified control systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2004/2008 certified by external certification companies.

Risk management and internal control are a line responsibility in the group and the various subsidiaries.

Ageing safety solutions do not necessarily require large investments

In a time where the focus on cost savings is at its peak, we need to ensure that the safety of the installations still meets the requirements and that we still can claim to be “top of the league” regarding safety in the Petroleum sector.