Board of directors work

The board of directors has the final responsibility for the group. The board of directors will ensure that the activity is organized properly. It is also responsible for establishing control systems and ensuring that operations are in line with the groups value base and ethical guidelines. The board of directors approves strategic plans and adopts the group’s budget. Matters of significant, strategic and financial importance to the activity are considered by the board of directors, who is also responsible for the quarterly accounts.

The board of directors works with basis in established board instructions that emphasize the following main duties:

  • Strategic work
  • Organizational duties
  • Control duties
  • Own duties

The board of directors of ALIGN normally has 6 – 8 meetings during the year and its work is based on an annual work plan for the board of director`s work.

The board of directors appoints the Chief Executive Officer, lays down his/her work instructions and authorities, and stipulates his/her salary.

The board of directors has established an audit committee as subcommittee to the board. The committee will prepare items to be considered by the board, and will contribute to ensuring a thorough and independent consideration of matters relating to financial reporting and other matters naturally belonging within this committee. The committee comprises board members independent of general management.

Ageing safety solutions do not necessarily require large investments

In a time where the focus on cost savings is at its peak, we need to ensure that the safety of the installations still meets the requirements and that we still can claim to be “top of the league” regarding safety in the Petroleum sector.